Meet Mister Tony

Mister Tony is the kind of different performance and recording artist that is hard to describe. If you combine the humor of Pee Wee Herman, the Eccentric style from Lady Gaga and the quirkiness of Weird Al you will start to get the idea.

It all started in 2004 when Tony (originally a German engineer) came to the US. Shortly thereafter tragedy struck in his life. His cat and dog died inside10 days of each other.Then his wife left and he lost his job. In order to lift his spirits, some friends took Tony out dancing to help him get his mind off things but something unexpected happened. Mister Tony had so much energy and was so courageous on the dance floor that the entire crowd was having fun and wanted to watch Tony dance. Mister Tony became well known in Greenville, SC and the entire city nicknamed him "Tony The Dance Machine". Mister Tony learned that when you have tough times and everything seems to be going bad, remaining positive and keeping up your faith will help turn things around. Mister Tony is proof that anyone can recover and have a fun and outrageous life!

After having so much Fun Mister Tony started a new career as an entertainer and started taking intense dance and voice classes. In 2011 Mister Tony moved to Las Vegas to improve his skills, create new acts, and further his career. Mister Tony tapped Grammy nominated Tom Marolda, an experienced Songwriter and Producer to work on his first Album to be released with the Happy Hearse tour landing in Las Vegas. Tommy Marolda was nominated for two GRAMMYS one as writer and one as a producer. Tommy has also worked on many gold and platinum albums with world famous artists such as Bon Jovi, Cher, The Killers, Rod Stewart, Elton John and The Cataracs. Tommy has also worked on Soundtracks for movies like Rocky with Silvester Stallone, Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise, Expendables 2 and many more.

Mister Tony takes his chosen profession very seriously and moving to Las Vegas is an important part in the growth of his craft.

Tony says, "I am totally enjoying myself. I never had such a good time before. This is my real self. I am different to other people. This is my dream. I am enjoying myself when I am on stage and having a great time. It is totally fun.