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How To Care For Your Lash Up Lounge Lash Extensions

Care and proper maintenance of your new lash extensions is important for longer lasting beautiful lashes.

Eyelahses shed normally. Many factors can effect how long your lash extensions will last.

Most people get eyelash extensions because they are tired of the daily ritual of mascara, and just want to look good right away each morning with no fuss.  Some people get them because they still love to wear eye makeup, but want to have that extra something special to make their eyes shine.  Either way, it is great for us to know how to best care for our lash extensions so they will wear long and beautifully, since that is what we are paying for, right?

There are a just a few things to know about caring for your eyelash extensions.  First things are day of application (this applies to first full set appointment, or a touch up).

*No direct water on your eyelashes the first day of application

*No eye makeup the day of your appointment

*No pulling, tugging, playing with your lashes

Easy right?  So the main thing would be, not to come for lashes the day of a big party or event, because you won’t want to be wearing makeup that same day.  After that, here’s when we get into the finer details of every day wear and care of your Flawless Lashes.

Once you learn how to care for your lashes, you will find they are so easy to keep and won’t miss spending all that time applying mascara every morning!

After your first day of your lash appointment there are a few things to consider when caring for them:

The single, biggest mistake people make with eyelash extensions is not cleaning them thoroughly.  Most clients are afraid of making their lashes fall out, so they either barely clean by gently fluffing the ends of them with their cleanser, or avoid washing them altogether.   Since the extensions are so tiny, people think are too delicate and will fall out when washing. When the reality is, washing them will actually make them wear better and longer.  And more importantly- your lashes ( and follicles) will stay healthy and happy.  If you avoid cleaning your lashes some bad, nasty things can happen.  First being that your extensions don’t stay on because 1) makeup and dirt work their way into the bond of the glue and cause breakdown and 2) likely if you are not cleaning consistently and try to do “one good cleaning” before your appointment there will still be so much dust, dirt, makeup, and debris that the extensions will stick to that, rather than your clean, natural eyelash- causing them to fall off prematurely.

Even further what can, and does, happen is the actual follicles of the eyelashes get clogged with debris.  This causes the natural eyelashes to be unable to grow appropriately, lashes become finer, weaker, and shorter.  When this happens clients will need to scale back the length and volume of extensions or take a break completely, as they get into the habit of cleaning their lashes and allowing the follicles to be open and functional again.